One Swap Coupon is the equivalent of $1 –OR– 10% off a large non-clothing item.
Use the cash value toward the purchase of any clothing or small non-clothing item (books, toys, gear) OR
Combine up to 5 Swap Coupons to receive up to 50% off your highest priced large, non-clothing item ($10+).
Swap Coupons are redeemable for any item sold during the swap according to the following pricing guidelines*:

Clothing Pricing Schedule (1 Swap Coupon is equivalent to $1 towards the following items)
Clothing – 1 piece (tops, bottoms, casual dresses, pajamas, etc.)                $2
Clothing – 2+ piece outfits, fancy dresses, coats etc.                                      $4
Shoes and boots                                                                                                      $2-$6
Other wearable items (socks, hats, gloves, bibs, etc.)                                     $1-$2

Small Non-Clothing Pricing schedule (1 Swap Coupon is equivalent to $1 towards the following items)
Blankets, bedding, nursing pillows                                                                                    Starting at $4
Diaper bags  and carriers                                                                                      Starting at $5
Books                                                                                                                         Starting at $1 or 3/$2
DVDs                                                                                                                          Starting at $2
Puzzles                                                                                                                        Starting at $2
Games                                                                                                                       Starting at $1 to $5
Wooden pull toys/cars/trains                                                                                Starting at $5

Large Non-Clothing schedule (1 Swap Coupon is 10% off, up %50 off one item)              Starting at $10
(Playpens, Strollers, In/Out-door Play Equipment, etc.)

* These prices are estimates. All items are priced as marked. TPC reserves the right to modify prices depending on the number and quality of items collected.

* * * *

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